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Misleading Plans and Unethical overchaging

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2


I have been a fido client for the last 3 years as I can recall, this month I've received a bill of 330$, because I overused data.  But when I don't use all my data, do I get a discount for that ? The answer is obviously No, which doesn't make sense when you think about it because you've paid for something you didn't use.

However, yesterday I was with a friend who's obtained a discount of over 150$ with his phone compagny, this is obviously a commercial gesture, but why can't Fido do this with it's costumers ?

I find the plans proposed to be unclear, which is something you realize pretty late when you get your monthly bill.



Hey @Taoufik_Idrissi,


Welcome to our Community!


To start, we thank you for your loyalty, we really appreciate you being a customer with us for so many years.


We know that having a higher than usual invoice is never pleasant. We understand the importance of our customers being able to keep track of usage to be able to avoid any overage fees and we offer multiple ways to verify your usage in real time at all times:


- My Account the App

- My Account on

- by dialing *3337 from your Fido phone


I understand where you're coming from, however data doesn't roll over, therefore it's important to have a monthly plan that fits your usage needs just right. If you feel your current plan no longer fits your needs, either because you are using too little or too much data, you can log into your online account to see the plan offers available specifically for your line and chose one that would best fit your usage. Keep in mind you can also use the 5 hours of extra data from your plan if ever you're short on data. 


Also, in an effort to avoid data overages, our newest plans come with Data Overage Protection which will pause your data once you’ve reached your limit. From there, you can choose to add a data option if you'd like to continue using data and un-pause it. If you have an older plan that doesn't come with this option, we can always look into changing the plan.  


As for our loyalty offers, they change quite often but by logging into your online account you can always know if there's an exclusive promotion available for you. 


Finally, if you find your plan to be unclear, please don't hesitate to contact us to go over it with you. 

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hello @FidoClaudia ,


Thanks for the reply, and the time you've put on to share these useful tips, but as I can recall I've paid no less than 1300$ in the last 9 months to Fido , I consider myself as a loyal customer, but ...


As far as I can tell I am not getting value for my money : endless waiting to get to customer service, no flexibility, at one point I had to spend a total of 15 hours speaking to customer service to get a package.

Regarding the data overusage issue, I find it to be particularly disturbing especially when I see other compagnies like Videotron offering a yearly 100 Go of annual bonus data which you can use whenever you use all your monthly data, or when I see other compagnies doing commercial gestures. Sadly, this is something that Fido isn't offering for the moment.


Also since I am looking to upgrade my phone, their offers are more competitive and waiting lines are way shorter as I can recall.




Hello Taoufik_Idrissi,


  Welcome to the community!


  You are the only one who can decide what's the best value for yourself. However, when comparing other plans and/or offers, you should ensure you're comparing similar offerings. All of the different mobile providers offer different services/plans etc. Some provider plans only offer 3G speeds. Some plans only include local or regional minutes...


  You mentioned Vidéotron. Are you aware they are a Regional provider? They do offer Nationwide coverage on their partner networks and extended coverage; however, usage may be limited outside of their home network. With regards to their Bonus data, bonus sounds great, but is it really a reward for customers or are you actually paying for it? Comparing their plans with comparable data allotments, they appear to cost more than Fido's Québec plans!


  You also mentioned that you're interested in upgrading to a new phone. You should note that the different providers may have different financing options. Some providers even have leasing options where it's required the device be returned at the end of the contract. While Fido recently switched to a financed payment model for their device purchases, it appears as though Vidéotron is offering subsidised plans. A quick run through some numbers comparing Vidéotron's offers with Fido's Québec offers, value seems to favour Fido.


  As mentioned above, the different providers offer different services/plans and even gestures. FidoClaudia mentioned some of Fido's gestures. They also often have different promotions.


  I'm not trying to sway your decision towards or away from any particular provider. My only intent is for people to make informed decisions. When making comparisons, you should ensure you're comparing similar options and/or offers. As I already mentioned, you're the only one who can decide the best value for yourself.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hello @Cawtau ,

Thank you for the reply, regarding the fact that Videotron offers limited usage outside Quebec isn't I rarely leave Quebec, in fact it's the case for the majority of people . 

And for the comparative rates , Videotron offers an Average cheaper Go of data when you average 100Go over 12 months , witch should add up with what you choose to get in your offer , plus you get a free tablet, could show me the maths you did to prove that Fido is more competitive regarding it's data rates ?


Also, it is sadly kind of late to get informed , I've already been charged and it doesn't seem like any discounts are being offered regarding my situation. 

Hello again,


  I sent you a PM.