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Mad about being overcharged for extra data? Voice your concern here!

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1



I've just gotten off the phone with Fido customer support concerning a 245$ extra charge on my monthly bill for having used 3 GB of data. They clearly stated that nothing can be done to solve this situation other than a 25$ reduction. I'm furious.


How can one charge 245$ extra for 3 GBs of data when I pay less than 100$ a month for 15 GB of data and unlimited calling? I'm sick of this abuse. I travel constantly for work and no where else in the world have I seen such ridiculous pricing for mobile plans. This has to stop. The CRTC have not done enough to stop the abuse.


If you've been a victim of overcharge abuse, please add your story here! The more voices are heard, the more action will be taken. Enough is enough.

Next, make sure you submit a complaint to the CCTS (CPRST in french) here:


Thank you,





Hello @sinstone


I don't like getting unexpected amounts on my bills either.

To get this looked into, we will need to go over your account.

You can always reach us through our channels here.


I'm sending you a PM now. Talk to you soon.