MY ACCOUNT is empty

MY ACCOUNT is empty

MY ACCOUNT is empty

I'm a Participant Level 3

MY ACCOUNT is empty

I can log in to the site normally, however, MY ACCOUNT is empty.

I've tried Explorer, Edge and Firefox

Please, need your help!



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Hello Cacctony,


  Welcome to the community!


  Seeing as you're only having issues with your home computer and not other computers (as per your other post here), are you aware whether any anti-virus or internet security programs made any updates? I know with our computers, our internet security program update caused massive browsing issues. We couldn't log in (or even view) many secure sites. To be honest, I'm not sure if it affected accessing the website because I hadn't tried. However, we couldn't access Google, Gmail, any banking site, etc..


  After a bit of research, the issue boiled down to a new function of the internet security -- the scanning of encrypted websites. It would always return with invalid certificate. After disabling the new function, everything works as previously. I am always a little wary about having to disable security features. However, the sites we were trying to access were known trusted sites.


  If you were able to previously access My Account without issue on your home computer, and you are still able to do so with other computers, it's likely your home computer performed some sort of update. You might consider checking any internet security progams to see if they updated. Additionally, you might also try to check whether any other programs on your computer updated as well. I understand FidoManuel noted the website also got updated recently, however, I would expect update issues to affect other computers and not just your home computer.


Hope this helps Smiley



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Hi @cacctony!

Welcome to the Community!

We've had a small update done on our website two days ago, this might have impacted what you see (or what you don't see!) at the moment.

Can you clear the cache of your browser, and try again? 

Let me know if you are able to connect on your profile after clearing the cache. 



I'm a Participant Level 3

Re-install all 4 browers, explorer, edge, firefox and chrome..and I still have the problem. I even turned off the firewall and antivirus software and still wasn't able to see the log on page. Fido must have some solution or some setting that I should do on my home computer to activate that page. All other site work perfectly. Do I have to change carrier to solve my problem. I'm not even able to get into this forum from my home computer.

This problem is mentioned numerous times in your forum, and solutions are found but no one posts them. The solutions is always sovled thru PM. Help !!!

Hey @cacctony


Just curious, are you using a MacOS by any chance? If you are, we're already aware of the situation and we're looking into a fix for this. Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 3

Microsoft Window 10 is what I have. I've been with Fido since the mid 90's and never did I experience a similiar problem. I did recently download the Fido app on my iphone, which I never had before. But why would that interfere with my home computer. Thanks for your interest in finding a solutions.

Are you logging in with your e-mail address or phone number? If it's your phone number, please go to > Log In > Register Now to set up an e-mail registration? If it still doesn't work, i'll send you a PM to look into this. Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 3

Logging in with the phone number from my computer at work, at home I'm not able to see the login screen except for that little green feedback box at the right of the screen. Re-registering with my e-mail would be useless if I cannot get to see the logon screen at home. Maybe I'm wrong.

Hey @cacctony, thanks for the reply.


Since there were changes on, to have access to all the information, customers now need to log in using their email address.


I will ask you to register as a new customer to see the result.


You can simply go on MY ACCOUNT and click on Register Now on the bottom right of the window.


From there, you can put in this information:


- First name:

- Last name:

- Account number:

- Email address:

- Postal code


Can you please try that on your end and let me know how it goes?



I'm a Participant Level 1

I re-registered with my e-mail, and now I had to reregister again in the forums under cacctony1.

Even with my e-mail as the user name, I still cannot see the login screen on my home computer. That is the problem I'm doing all this thru my work computer(i'm logged in via my my home computer) or else I wouldn't be able to be on the forum because I cannot loggin. I can have as many accounts I want with Fido I cannot see the loggin sceen except  for that little green feedback box at the right of the screen. I we have several accounts (pnones) with Fido. It's very fustrating. Again as I mentioned earlier, others have had the same problem and it seem they found solutions, but no  one post the solutions they found.



I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into Smiley