MMS sent to my email?

MMS sent to my email?

MMS sent to my email?

I'm a Participant Level 2

MMS sent to my email?

Hi everyone 


i just received an email that looks very strange which I have never received before. 


please advise as to what this is and if it is safe. Thanks



Hey @Ampo! Philippe here.


I had to edit out the image, because you confirmed that it contained private information (your phone number). You can repost it with edits if you wish. Smiley


Do you know if you've activated our email to text program on your account? This allows e-mails to be sent to your phone using any e-mail program.

I'm a Participant Level 2

Hey phillipe 


no I have not activated that option which makes this even weirder to me. 

thanks again for responding so quickly

I suugest taking a look at your account, just to be sure then. You can contact us for that here or you can request a PM from the community.


Let us know.

Former Moderator

Hello @Ampo,


It looks like a text-to-email message. Do you recognize the number in the email address it's sent from? 


Did that number try to contact you by other means too? 



I'm a Participant Level 2

the phone number is actually my number! Which is why I am even more confused. As I said before I have never received anything like this. 

thanks a lot!