Loyal customers getting “special” offers

Loyal customers getting “special” offers

Loyal customers getting “special” offers

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Loyal customers getting “special” offers

Been with Fido for +22yrs  and find these special loyal customer offers insulting.  Fido calls with special offers for only loyal long time customers and when you turn it down they go a head and offer you something a little better.   If we are so valuable should we be offered  the best from the start.  Plus people talk so when you accept the " great offer", and then go talk to colleagues or family members and find out that Your getting ripped off compared to Rogers or bell it's very frustrating!!!

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I only got called once about a special offer which came out to be worse that what I already had.


I have been with Fido 22+ years as well.


A colleague of mine who has been with Fido for less than 5 years was offered a free tablet and data plan for 2 years.

I never got such good deals!



Hi @Kenny13


Our offers and promotions change often and given that the offer made didn't interest you, we're happy to know that you were already enjoying a better deal!


You can keep and eye out here for our ongoing deals or on your account as often your exclusive offers will be waiting for you there!


Hey @Trevtb


Thanks for sharing your feedback. I'm sorry to learn that you're not satisfied with our offers. They change pretty often though so keep an eye on our website!