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Live chat service is horrible

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I wanted to make a change to my data only plan.  Knew what plan I wanted.  I couldn't make the change through online self-serve (apparently not an option for data only plans).  I chose to use the live chat option (assuming that it would be faster).  I was logged on so I was already pre-validated for live chat (nice).  Made my change request easily.  My request; however, was rejected as I didn't have authorization.  At this point I'm confused.  This is my account, I went into the store to open it.  I started to ask how I could not have authorization on my own account.  We went back and forth but the live chat CSR was certain that I was not authorized.  At this point, along with the long lag times between each CSR response, I had been online for over 40 mins and disconnected from live chat.


I decided to call in next to talk with someone directly.  This second CSR was great.  The plan change was made with no issues.  I decided to ask what happened with the live chat authorization issue.  Apparently there was another, lower level, profile on my account. The big difference was......"a middle name."  Apparently the prior live chat CSR was certain that a middle name indicated a entirely separate person.  Either that or she/he couldn't or wouldn't make the common sense connection that the same first and last name indicated the "same person."


I know that the issue may have been resolved if I had stay online longer.  I was; however, very fustrated At the 40+ minute mark.  I kept trying to ask how I could not have authorization on my own account especially since I had already been pre-validated.



Hey @szhl888


Welcome to the Community and thank you for taking your time to share your experience with us. We only want a smooth experience for all of our customers and appreciate your feedback in this regard.


Was the agent on the phone able to remove your ''lower'' authorization level from the account?