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Iphone 4s on no data

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2



I am on a 2 year family plan, that ends in november.  I want to change some of the features of my plan, such as take advantage of the canada wide calling ( i pay $10 a month for that now) and have unlimited text without the $5 add on i currently have.  I also want to renew the contract this summer as i want to get the iphone 4s and have it before i go back to university.  Is it possible to renew and change this plan and get the iphone 4s? i would only want a 2 year contract as i may be travelling to europe for med school in 2 years.  Or would it be possible to change the plan to my name and still get the deal?





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I'm Qualified Level 3
I'm Qualified Level 3

Gettings an iPhone 4S for $80 requires a 3-year commitment period (tab36) on a Max Plan starting at $55 per month. The Max plans are not as value-oriented compared to the Smart plans because the iPhone is being heavily discounted. In general, iPhones at Fido have never been available on a 2-year contract. I wish you could pay $350 or something to get the iPhone on a Smart Plan for 2 years, but it is either a 3 year contract or buying the iPhone outright for $599.