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Inappropriate charges in bill

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Fido has been degrading its value over the last couple of years. It is my fourth year with Fido, they added charges which was a systematic error from Fido's side, and they did not adjust it. It's just a few CAD$ of conflict, but they wasted around 2 hours of my time and did not resolve the issue.

Advice for Fido: respect your customer. Once you lose a customer just because of a few $$, you lose a lifetime customer and their family as potential future customers.




Hey @pawanbashishth Smiley

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Sorry to learn that there were some unexpected charges on your bill. If you believe those fees are an error, we can certainly look into it further.


Did customer service mention what kind of charge this was, and why it appeared on your invoice? 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi, Yes they mentioned why the charges are there. It was the systemetic error. I exceeded my 1000 LD mins because there was no update in the app when I was using mins because it takes time update. So I saw there are still min that i can use. Another issue is the message for remaining minutes don't come now and I just learned that they were courtesy notifications. No one told me there are courtesy messages and I should not relay on them.

As the Code says, where there is a miscommunication or ambiguity, the interpretation must be in your favour. If you're not getting reliable notifications and updates when you're supposed to, that's on Fido, not you.



  The Commission considers that requiring WSPs to clearly inform consumers of the usage allowances of their voice and text messaging services in their written contracts and the Critical Information Summary is sufficient to help consumers manage their voice and text messaging usage. The cost of voice and text messages has, over time, become more intuitive to consumers. ~ The Wireless Code; point 115


  It is not necessary to cap voice or text messaging service charges since the use of these services is generally well understood and managed by consumers. ~ point 127 considers that a requirement to provide usage notifications or usage monitoring tools is not the best solution to prevent bill shock. ~ point 124


  While Fido does not provide notifications for overage long-distance usage they do provide a means of monitoring call usage (ie My Account app). However,


  Both usage notifications and usage monitoring tools require action and active monitoring from consumers to prevent bill shock. As well, due to current technological limitations, usage notifications, such as text messages, may not always reach the customer, and usage monitoring tools may report a usage level that is several hours behind the real-time usage level, during which time the customer may have incurred significant additional charges. As a result, receipt of usage notifications or the availability of usage monitoring tools, while useful for consumers, does not target the fundamental solution to bill shock, namely providing consumers with cost certainty when using data services. ~ point 122.