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In the age of Minimalism and convenience

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Dear Fido,

I joined a few years ago with my home internet and you provided pretty good service, not one complaint.  A few months ago in order to keep things "simple" I signed up for cell service, I am dissapointed.

You see, I had for the last 7 years a 1GB account, very happy, never went over, let me say that again, never in 7 years did I go over my 1GB.

Here I am with Fido and the 25 days into it I get a text to let me know I have used 75% of my 10GB data! Surprise!

I ask, how is this possible? yes, my wifi dissapears 100 times a day, everytime I look I am using data in my own home with Fido internet!!!

It's been a couple of months, always the same, I called, you tested the lines, you delivered a "new" modem, still the same issues. This problem was not there before, why now that I changed to Fido?

For me this was a change of convenience, both services with same company, one account, set up auto payment from one place, everything made sence in my head, no, apparently you cannot make anything simple.

I would like to set up my cell account on line and to my surprise I cannot because you tied in my email to my home internet account and I cannot use it for my cell account.  Now you want me to open another email account so that I can set up my cell account with the same company that I already have an account with. How does this make any sense?  If you are the same company then this will not be a problem and if internally you function as two separete entities, then this should not be an issue either.

As a personal preference I only have one email account and I don't believe one should have more than one in order to help a company deal with their inside issues.  

This like I mentioned before, was a move for convenience for me and you are making it very difficult.  Before I open another email account which is inconvenient for me, I will move my service back to my previous provider which will take my current email address.  I will give you a few days for a response, however, without a resolution, my mind is made up, dissaponted to see a "cutting edge" company not able to resolve this, something that should have been done correctly from day one.

I am sorry for the long rant, I have spent too much time on the phone with you people and no solution has been provided.

If you have reach this point, I thank you for your patience and time.

Have a wonderful day



Hey @SilNorm! Philippe here. Welcome to the community. Smiley


I'm sad to read about your experience with your home internet. That's certainly not the what we expect to provide you with and I suggest you contact our technical support line again to see what can be done and what your options are.


As for your account login, the problem may be that both your accounts may not be linked. If that's the case, we can fix that. You'll need to contact us here for that or you can request a PM from the community for support with that.