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I am so angry and to sad of this situation

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello. I made a mistake with got a line and a new phone to my 35-year-old brother. But the problem is, my brother wants an account that he can use and see the consumption of tha datas as well. As a result, it was added to my own account as a second line, but this is a second person, so I don't travel with two lines, and fido itself is advertising to add another person. Well, another person I added won't be able to see their name and log in to their account for two years because I signed a new phone and a new line contract? This is not a child, it's an adult. He now feels like a kid who just got a new phone. All the customer representatives I spoke to tell me that it won't be possible for two years to change this. I fight with him every day because I added a new person to my brother through my own account. Do you think this is fair? He cannot create his own account and cannot pay his own debt. Why is this not possible? Ok, I bought the phone and the line, but after all, he is also an individual and he has a credit card. Naturally why can't I transfer the second line to him? Now, for two years he will be attached to me and for two years he will not be able to have his own debt?


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Hello Hayrettin,


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  Sorry to hear your situation has caused you so much trouble. I'm not sure why you added a second line on your account for your brother rather than he obtaining an account for himself. However, if he has suitable credit, it is possible to transfer responsibility (TOR) of his line to his own account. You should note that he would likely be required to undergo a credit check prior to transfer approval. In addition, you should also note that there is a fee for the TOR (see here). You should further note, though, it might not be possible to TOR a financed device (see here). It's likely the entire balance of the device would be charged to your account. As well, any additional line discounts would not be applicable.


  That said, your brother should be able to access the details of his line (on your account). When he registers for My Account, he would need to select the option: Not the account holder? Continue with mobile number. It would still not be his own account, but he could manage his line. Admittedly, there may be some limitations to what he can access as a subscriber (ie billing details) but he should be able to monitor his data consumption.


Hope this helps 😀




Hello again,


  To add to my previous reply, the details of subscriber vs account holder My Account access can be viewed here.


Hope this helps 😀