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How to find if / what I pay for call from USA on Fido Pulse Smart Plan?

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

I'm on Vancouver Island British Columbia. I have a grandfathered in pulse plan that does not specify what my incoming or outcoming international phone call charges are. [details are below]


Can somebody tell me if I get a phone call from somebody in the United States, even if it is a toll free number, do I have to pay a per minute cost for them? And how much am I paying??


Additionally if I call a toll-free number that happens to be in the United States am I still paying a cost/minute or is it included in my plan?


I have searched all over the forums and can't get anybody on the line because it is after hours [ I'm on the west coast ].


Would love your help and thank you so much for reading!




details of my plan listed on my account page are:


  • 300 MB
  • Overage Rate : $5/100 MB
  • 300 minutes
  • Unlimited Messaging4
  • Minute Tracker
  • Call Waiting
  • Conference Calling
  • Unlimited Circle Calling
  • Call Display
  • Voicemail



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey tkucey!


Does this information help?


If you'd prefer that we take a closer look at your plan with you, let us know and we can send you a PM.

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

yes this is confusing and diff answers from fido when call in.


What is cost of INCOMING USA calls if im on weekends or after 5pm?

Hello again,


  Does your plan include unlimited calls evenings and weekends from 5pm? The plan specifications you provided above do not indicate that feature.


  If you receive an incoming call while you are in Vancouver, there are no additional charges -- regardless of call origin. So yes, that would include calls from the USA. However, those calls would still be considered airtime and go against your 300 minutes. If your plan includes unlimited calls evenings and weekends, then the airtime minutes used during those times would be included and not go against your 300 minutes.


**edit** If you receive an incoming call while you are outside of Vancouver, additional charges may apply on top of airtime charges -- depending on whether your plan includes local-, Province-, or Canada-wide calling**


Hope this clarifies Smiley



Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Tkucey,


  Welcome to the community!


  To clarify a little, does your plan include Canada-wide calling, Province-wide calling, or local calling?


  Firstly, all incoming calls -- regardless of origin -- count as airtime (even from toll-free numbers). International/US calls or Canadian calls to your phone number would all be treated the same and count against your 300 min. If you exceed those minutes, you would be charged accordingly.


  If your plan only includes local calling, additional long-distance (LD) charges may apply depending on where you receive the call. It's helpful to differentiate between incoming and outgoing calls.


  Your incoming local calling area (LCA) is based on the geographical location that is associated with your number. It has nothing to do with your own physical location at the time you receive a call. On the other hand, your outgoing LCA is determined entirely by your physical location at the time of a call, and has no ties to any specific geographical location, other than the one in which you're standing.


  Receiving calls while outside of your incoming LCA is considered LD. Making calls while roaming can either be local or LD, depending on whether the call destinations are within or outside of your outgoing LCA.


  Province-wide calling would be similar, however, the LCAs would be larger (ie Province-wide). If your plan includes Canada-wide calling, then LCAs are not really relevent.


  Toll-free simply means that there are no long-distance charges associated with the calls. Since Canada and US use the same toll-free system, calling a US toll-free from Canada also does not have long-distance charges associated with those calls. However, calling a toll-free number still counts as airtime. You should note that calling a toll-free number while roaming outside of Canada will likely incur additional LD charges.


  If you do not know what type of calling is included in your plan, you would have to contact customer service for further details of your plan. Alternatively, you might consider sending a moderator (MOD before their username) a PM. They'll also be able to access your account details.


Hope this helps Smiley






I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

I believe the rates for your plan are as follows. But you should confirm with Fido to ensure that this information is correct for your specific plan.


Incoming calls from the USA to your phone on the Island should be no charge if you are within your 300 anytime minutes. $0.50 per minute for additional usage if you are over 300 anytime minutes. The same if you are calling a toll free number reachable from Canada. If you call a regular US number (not toll free) from Canada, then there is a long distance charge of $0.55 per minute if you are under 300 minutes voice usage. And $0.55 long distance + $0.50 additional usage if you are over 300 minutes.


The $0.50 per minute additional usage charge applies to all voice calls over 300 minutes usage unless exempted because it's within your evening/weekend unlimited time frame or is an unlimited usage call to a circle number.


The part that wasn't clear to me is what you meant when you asked if you would pay for an incoming call from the USA, "even if it is a toll free number". You probably mean if it is someone with a toll free number calling you.. that would be no different than an incoming call from a standard number.


But if you meant that you have a toll free number assigned to yourself, so that people can call a toll free number to reach you that is not a normal part of a pulse plan and you would no doubt have additional charges for incoming calls to your toll free number. But I don't think you were describing this unlikely situation.