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Need to cancel hardware order ASAP

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I need to cancel a phone ordered in August 2021 - no receipt and no tracking number yet.

Please advise how to cancel.

Customer Service has not been able to provide any direction or options.

The local Fido retail store has inventory and I can purchase the phone there immediately.  I need a phone immediately and cannot wait any longer.



Good morning @LMo2 , sorry to hear your phone is still on back order. From what I understand,  you will have to refuse delivery if and when it arrives to cancel the order. Did you inquire at the fido store if they are able to cancel it for you and then process a new oder for you in store? If the store can't do that for you, I believe your option is to go ahead with the store purchase and refuse delivery of the on-line purchase. When the phone will be delivered you will get a call from the carrier and you can arrange with them to refuse and return. That's the best solution I have for you. Stay safe, OL