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Horrible customer service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I just spent 2.5 hours in the chat with a simple question of "why am I being charged for 2 numbers when I only have one?" At first the staff-member told me there was not such charge, and that my bill was way less than the one I was viewing. Then she tells me it's for a "temporary number" they gave me before my actual number I had chosen. So now I'm paying a whole extra service charge for a number I never asked for and never used. I asked if she could remove it as I never ordered that temporary number and got the correct one set up an hour after I recieved the sim-card in the mail... She completely ignored it and said "there are no extra charges, you are being charged for services ordered". Which is untrue, but at this point I wanted to get on with my saturday, and she was literally taking 10 minutes between messages... So I said I'd pay it, but that I wanted to leave an official complaint that this extra charge was not divulged to me at time of ordering the Fido service in the first place. She just answered "is there anything else I can help you with?" and completely ignored me.


I worked 4 years as head of customer service, and I know that the customer is not always right - and that it can be frustrating. But this was clearly a charge that I had not asked for and thus should not be paying for - and yet here I am due to incompetent staff and lack of communication, paying extra fees I never asked for and was given without consent. If I was still within my 30 days of ordering this service - I would have cancelled right away, as this level of service is appaling. Instead, I will be sure to tell everyone I know not to ever use Fido, and will switch as soon as my contract is up. I am also considering filing a fraud charge, as there is no way it's legal for them to add charges to your account without informing you of it.


In summary: If you're considering using Fido, don't. Go elsewhere where they will happily help you with any issues instead of treating you like garbage.


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am sorry that people have to go through this, fido obviously cares more about their profits than poeple...

Good morning @TimeWasted , sorry to hear that you had that experience. I'm pretty sure Fido would not want any of their customers to be left feeling less than valued. May I suggest that you try again using social media such as Twitter or Facebook? It could be that the csr couldn't find all your information. I usually wait until I have time to sit with a cup of coffee and then contact fidosolutions on Twitter to discuss any questions or requests. You only need to answer a few security questions and you will have an agent working with you to solve your issue. If social media isn't your preferred method to communicate, you can find more ways Here 

I hope you get a resolution. Have a wonderful day