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Hide my caller ID

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there,

I'm Farid and I had a question. When I call someone that does not have my phone number, for him/her my ID is visible and I don't want my ID to be shown and even my parents. If you can please guide me how can I do this? And by hiding my caller ID, I mean someone who does not have my number I don't want my ID to be shown, even for calls related to companies entities.

Thank you


Hello @faridpassand , if I understand correctly  you want to hide your number only for certain calls and not for all calls. You can hide your caller id when calling someone by doing this. 


To block:

  • Temporary: Type #31#, free of charge, before each phone call.
  • Permanent: call customer service to make your caller ID private 

To unblock:

  • Temporary: If name and number display is permanently blocked via your phone's menus, you can unblock it by dialing *31# before placing a call.
  • Permanent: Consult your phone’s User Guide for the steps to follow.