Hidden Charges

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Hidden Charges

I recently purchased the galaxy s10+. I was on a contract til June of this year but paid the $69.50 remaining balance on my phone and then paid $640 (after trade in for the s10+) he never said anything about a early upgrade fee ($69.50) and service fee ($35). Pretty shady move Fido.. imagine if I cancelled my plan, I guarantee I would receive a bill in the mail asking for a disconnection fees and service fees 🤦🏾‍:male_sign:.

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Re: Hidden Charges

Hey @Joedoo420,


Thanks for reaching out to us!


I am sorry to learn that you feel you were not informed about these charges, this is definitely not the way we wish to serve our customers. 

Can you please clarify where did you upgrade the phone?


Also, did you receive any documentation regarding the upgrade? Normally, the documents we provide our customers have the price of the phone as well as any fee documented.

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