Haven’t received $150 GC from Oct4 Order

Haven’t received $150 GC from Oct4 Order

Haven’t received $150 GC from Oct4 Order

I'm a Participant Level 2

Haven’t received $150 GC from Oct4 Order


I signed up for internet with Fido on Oct 4 and was promised a 150 GC. However I have yet to receive it. I reached out to fulfillment@helloworldfulfillment.com

and they honestly seem like scammers. They claim that it should've already been sent so when I sent back proof that I haven't received it in my inbox or my spam folders, they said that it therefore "must be on its way."

last I checked email is instantaneous and something sent weeks ago wouldn't have been "on its way."

Im very very unimpressed with Fido for using a unreputable company like that for gift card fulfillment. If Fido is unable to resolve this matter shortly, I'll have to open a case with the CRTC as I feel taken advantage of at this point.

I'm a Participant Level 2

Hi @Sarah85 @did you ever end up getting help? My issue was escalated several times and went nowhere. Fido claims it was sent in November but my email box never got it (I wouldn't lie about something so petty) and they never re-sent it. Probably going to need to open a case with the CRTC as I've pretty much given up on getting help at this point.

Hey @Cujo2k!


We definitely want you to get the offer as quickly as possible and we're going to look into what's going on Smiley


We got your PM as well, we'll get back to you there! 

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I have had the same experience as you, and yes last I checked emails are instantaneous. I have posted a post looking to have someone contact me as well because just being on hold for 3-4 hours is almost a full days work, I might as well be getting a pay check from Fido. 
I have been given the same run around that it's coming. It is pretty ridiculous that there is no email that you can send your request to, you can't communicate with anyone, and after the 4 hour combined wait, I was disconnected from the online help. Seems like too much work for $150...


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That doesn't sound right. We're going to look into this with you, keep an eye out on your inbox for a PM. 😃