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Great Service

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I've been a Fido customer since 2004 and I have to say I can't remember being let down and they really seem to value longtime loyal customers. I know it's due to the competitiveness of the industry and yes their superiors force agents to try and upsell you but most of the agents I've encountered over the phone once they know that I know what I want they really try their best to focus on giving me what I need based on my past usage... the best bang for the buck. Also Fido gives them a lot of control over your account so they can remedy almost any situation. I had to ask for the name of my last agent, Sheila, because she went way out of her way to help me .... always apologizing for the time and they never leave you on hold without coming back in a timely manner to let you know they're still working on the situation. If Fido gets their agents to focus more energy on customer satisfaction and less on upselling (revenue) then the customer satisfaction will lead to more customer loyalty, which leads to more customers in total which leads to more revenue. If they ever decide to offer Internet service in Quebec with the same level of service then they would certainly give other Internet providers a run for the money.



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