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Galaxy watch 4 lte

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi I have a galaxy watch 4 lte and when I go in the settings to connect it to the LTE network in the galaxy wearable app says fido is not supported , I am wondering does any one have the same watch working with fido ? also do any of you pay extra per month for this plan or are you usinging your phone plan on the watch as well. Any background information or info at all appeciated. I basicall want to know if I have to change providers, if its another issue.


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Senior MVP

Hello Djnima,


  Happy New Year and Welcome to the Community!


  Fido does not currently offer any smartwatch or Apple Watch plans. Unfortunately, I don't foresee smartwatch plans being available at Fido in the near future. As I have mentioned in other threads, the different levels of providers (Big 3, 1st level Flanker, 2nd level Flanker) offer different products and services. The Flanker brands (Fido included), likely made a business decision not to offer cellular shared number support for smartwatches. 


  Some customers have gotten a SIM card and plan for their smartwatches with Fido. However, it would be a separate plan and independent from your main phone plan.


  I understand some of the Big 3 providers offer smartwatch plan and/or shared plans However, they are slightly different. A smartwatch plan would be linked to your main plan to allow your watch to perform its functions with the same phone number as your main plan. You could use your watch without the phone as an intermediary. On the other hand, shared plans would allow two main plans to use the same allotment of services (ie data).


  Unfortunately, Fido does not offer either smartwatch plans nor shared plans. If they later choose to offer those plans in the future, that update would be available on


Hope this helps 🎉




Hi there @djnima ,nice watch. I haven't found any info saying that the watch could be used on the fido network. You may want to ask that question on a Samsung forum where you will have a wider source of experienced users. Sorry I couldn't help, maybe someone else will chime in. I would check out the Samsung forums though