Fraudulus calls on my Account cannot get refund from Fido

Fraudulus calls on my Account cannot get refund from Fido

Fraudulus calls on my Account cannot get refund from Fido

I'm a Participant Level 3

Fraudulus calls on my Account cannot get refund from Fido

I keep receiving calls from Africa ,Antigua, ect  non stop for the last 3 weeks , Now 3 weeks later I receive my téléphone bill including along distance to Antigua one hour $117.00 and after countless calls to fido to explain the situation,,, their response was its your call you made it you will pay for it ,nothing we can do.In 2 years that I have been with Fido I never made a long distance call, but they dont care about that.


I am very dissapointed with this company and they leave me no choice then to cancel my account, so as my wife account. 


Hey @Daniel63,


Thank you for sharing your situation we'll be happy to take a look at this with you. 


I would have a few questions for you. 


- Did you answer the calls?


-Did you return the calls to the numbers?


-Did you reach out to customer service prior to receiving the bill?


Thanks in advance!

I'm a Participant Level 3

My reply is I did not answer any incoming calls that I dont recognise,and did not return any of these calls also.I received countless fraudulus calls from all over the world, and if I look at my phone at this moment I have calls from Bolivia,Mali,Nicaragua ,Morroco. And before receiving this bill, I called 611 to ask them if they can stop this and what I should  do , their response was you have to change you phone number.I am the main telecommunication technician at the CHUM Hospital and this phone is for work and critical to me.After receiving the Bill ,I call 611 Fido twice to cancel my mailbox and to stop long distance calls originating from my phone in hope this will stop the fraud on my phone.  

Hey there @Daniel63,


Thank you for the update Smiley


To clarify, if you have unlimited Canada-wide calling on your price plan, all incoming calls received while you are in canada under our network's coverage will not be billed for long distance. For outgoing calls though, you would be limited to Canadian numbers though (why it's called Canada-wide).


In other words, receiving spam calls or spoof calls will not bill you any airtime. That said, calling back these numbers, could charge you long distance, depending on the number dialed. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest not calling back unknown numbers, especially if their area code is not based on Canada.


Regarding the current situation you're facing, it's unfortunately something that's experienced nation-wide with all mobile users. You can find more info on the measures in place or to come here, and here.


Hope this helps and let us know if this answers your questions. In the meantime, if you'd like us to review your billing once more, you can reach out to us at these channels. Alternatively, we can send you a PM on the Community if you prefer.

I'm a Participant Level 3

I got billed $117.00 for 1 call to the Carabeean 1 hour long,I dont use my phone for long distance calls and this is not my call. I have been repeating this for a week now,I have no intention to pay for this, all I need is this amount to be remove from my statement that's all.I even turn my phone off and removed the sim card for a week while on vacation and as soon as I turn it on I start receiving calls again from around the world.I come you cant stop calls from overseas to ring my phone.


What we hear about Fido is if you get into trouble like that , the staff will give you the run around and no action are taken.So far I can relate to this. 

I'm sorry you feel this way, that is certainly not the impression we'd want to give.


The billing is pretty much straightforward in regard to usage. On our end, we will only charge you if there is usage made using your Fido SIM card. That is the only way we can track a communication to your device.


In other words, the call being billed was done using your phone, or more precisely, your Fido SIM card. That being said, you've mentioned being on vacation. Can you please clarify if the airtime charge on your invoice appears as a lump sum of $117 or multiple charges totaling $117?

I'm a Participant Level 3

If you take the time to read my previous message,its one call of 60 minutes long to the Caribbean. The call was a Saturday and I was at home, I dont know anyone in these Island and  this is not my call.  Please stop asking the same question and look at my account, I understand you have to ask these questions but everyone at Fido is giving me the same runaround.I remove the mailbox and called to get long distance calls removed to protect me somehow, because no one at Fido offer me options to minimise my chances of being hack and I am the one stock with the Bill. 

Hey @Daniel63,


We understand how frustrating the situation must be. Rest assured we're here to help you and find a solution to your issue. 


In order to look into your account, feel free to contact us here and we'll be happy to help you. Alternately we can send you a PM here on the Community.


Let us know!