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Fraudulent Third Party Charges - Bango

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have been a customer of fido for a little over a year. At the time when I got the plan from them, they offered a tablet along with a phone line.  I have never used this tablet till date and is still sealed the way I received it.

In my most recent bill from Fido, there was a 3 third party charges of $31.63 each from BANGO, amounting to $94.89. Looking at a huge rise in my phone bill I reached out to Fido to resolve this. They asked me to reach out to the third party provider(BANGO) to resolve this.


Considering this tablet has never been opened and is still in its original casing with all seals intact, I think the ownership is on Fido to confirm the authentinticity of these charges which clearly are fraudulent in nature. There's a BIG BUG in their system where someone is making money out of these third party charges.


Fido needs to void the amount on my bill and resolve it with third party. I shouldn't be the one chasing different parties involved in this transaction for services I never used. This is stressful and time consuming considering I have never heard of the game I have been charged for.

It seems like there's a flaw in the system that someone can just post charges on my phone, and fido wouldn't do anything about it.

Since the charges show up on my Fido bill, I shouldn't be the one trying to find culprits. Its up to Fido to do due-diligence, authenticate the transaction and tighten their system to avoid such type of scams and frauds.


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Senior MVP

Hello Sumitdhameja,


   I replied to your other post here.  


  Thank you for the additional information. I understand that you might not have used your tablet. However, are you using the Tablet plan and SIM associated with it? You would still be charged for the Tablet plan even though that tablet hadn't been opened.


  Also to clarify, are the direct carrier billing (DCB) charges on the data-only line or on your phone line? Direct carrier billing should only be possible with the SIM card access. If your Tablet plan SIM is in a different device, DCB would still be possible through that other device.


**Aside** If you're using your Tablet plan in a non-tablet device, you should note that Fido are closing loop-holes in that plan's usage (see here).**


  As explained in my other post, Fido only has a billing relationship with the direct carrier billing provider (Bango). Any investigation would need to be done through Bango.


Hope this helps 😀