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Fido support for "Dynamic Spectrum Sharing" (DSS)?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Does anybody know if the Fido LTE network supports phones capable of "Dynamic Spectrum Sharing" (DSS)? Example iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S20. I have read that DSS on LTE has speeds that resemble 5G. Nice to know since Fido doesn't have 5G service at this time.


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Senior MVP

Hello Tommycat,


  Welcome to the community!


  Since Fido has decided not to offer 5G services at this time, I don't think Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) would be applicable. Simply, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing would just allow 5G services on existing LTE networks (non-standalone, NSA) as a transition before a full standalone (SA) 5G rollsout. It would allow a provider to use existing LTE spectrum to provide 5G services. Rather than statically allocating spectrum between the two technologies, DSS can allocate spectrum as required (see here). Since Fido is not offering 5G services, there would be no need for them to allocate any spectrum to 5G. Unfortunately, DSS would not result in increased LTE speeds.


Hope this helps 😀