Fido robbed me $55

Fido robbed me $55

Fido robbed me $55

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Fido robbed me $55

I have 2 Fido lines. Went on a trip to the US, then UK. 1 Line was with full roaming. The other line was roaming off, data off. Fido charged me roaming fees on both lines, $55 each. Showing erroneous numbers on data usage on the second line - 36Kb a day.


Contacted support, they were continuously failing to recognize no data usage, confusing between the 2 lines all the time. In the end they disgracefully proposed to drop 50% of roaming fee. Failed to comprehend or even assume there's an error on their side. They bluntly continue to state the phone had roaming on. Despite, in no way it a phone with data could use just 36kb a day.


They pretend to believe charging $27.5 for 750kb is fair. What a shame. Lost all faith in their reasonability. Starting to shop for competitor rates.


End of story.

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we are in canada,

if an Canadian mobile user leaves Canada, do not use the Canadian carrier sim card.

i.e. once one lands in the UK, keep the mobile phone in airplane mode, then get an UK prepaid sim, place the sim in phone.

then contact the people whom need to contact your new UK # (use facebook status update), and check fido voicemail everyday (using the UK sim or wifi calling).



Hey @seva_lapsha


We'd be sad to see you leave.  I'll be sending you a PM so we can look into this further.


Talk to you soon! Smiley