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Fido port number nightmare

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My partner wanted to move from Rogers to Fido under my account. Instead of adding my partners new plan and phone number as a second line, Fido rep simply removed my phone number and existing plan/,contract and replaced it with my partners number. Now we are both without phone access and no end of sight having the issue resolved by Fido other than constantly transfer our call from one rep to another. Hours of waiting time. We can't do our work due to no access to phone and will end up with lost wages.

I have no words how to describe this experience. 



Hey @Rox12344 Smiley 

Welcome to the Community! 


We're truly sorry to hear about what happened, as we understand having access to a functional line is very important these days.


Please reach out to us through any of the methods listed here and we'll be happy to look into it.

Should you decide to call in, we do have a specific team for porting issues and you can request to be transferred to this department.