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Fido lost touch with community

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Low price for new customers but driving away old customers.

41$/month for 1gb of data being the lowest i can get unless i contact customer service.


I joined years ago and never had to contact them.

My plan is supposed to be 33$/month with 2gb of data and magically has a 8$ increase as it is now 41$/month.


Time to leave. Disappointed.


Sorry to hear that @Anon1984 , if contacting Fido is the only way you can get a better plan, Here are some ways to do that. Sometimes fido will give data boosts to select accounts by sms. The good old days of dealing with a smaller company, that calls you to give you things, I'm sorry to say is gone. We have to monitor and make decisions that fit. Hope you're able to find a great deal.