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Fido isnot Trustworthy

I'm back
I'm back

I'm surprised.! I thought this was not happening in Canada. My account was hacked and generates apparently authorized data charges via SMS from me. These messages have never reached me. I have never answered them. In fact, I did the test in real time from other number and SMS messages never came. My bill now amounts to almost $ 200 for an initially contracted service of $ 38. The rest is for more data.. Incredible! Even Fido told me that the current month I have already activated thousands of more gigabytes of consumption. What? Oh my god!.! It is supposed to be one of Fido's guarantees: Do not add data without authorization. This is a fraud! Fido must investigate and solutions the trouble. I asked to cancel my account right now. I cannot and I don't want to use an insecure service that handles my personal information. Through an SMS other charges for other services like a Bank, can be activated with a simple text and cause me greater harm. Fido is not trustworthy! It's a big deception for me @Fido



Hello @RosarioPadron and welcome to the Community.


This doesn't seem like a usual situation. We would be hapy to go over your account to see what's going on.


You can find all the ways ot reach us here.