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Issue with 120$ store credit & price matching within few days of purchase

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have 2 issues currently with my purchase with fido

I ordered iphone 12 mini 128 GB online on november 22 for a price around 17 CAD after the bill credit during the offer. I was speaking to a friend last week I was surprised to hear that he purchased the same mobile during the same sale for a price of 5 CAD and he is an existing customer like me with fido (no porting from other networks etc). I tried contacting the customer care to ask if they can match the price as its during the same sale I got this price variation, There is no proper guidance or justification on why the price can't be matched. It would be helpful if anyone could guide if the price matching can be done


secondly, I was offered a 120$ store credit on accessories during my mobile purchase online. I was not able to redeem it at fido stores(I saw people in this community facing the same issue). Is there any way we can place the accessories order online and claim the $120 credit. I now have only 6 days left to redeem the credit. Any answers would be helpful.


It doesn't feel good when you pay the price and don't get proper service or response.


Hello @sriapn12 , may I suggest that you contact Fido support to answer those questions? I cannot find a way to answer except to point you in the direction of customer service. You can use any of the methods Here 

I hope it gets sorted out for you. Cheers