Fido codes from 6508?

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Fido codes from 6508?



  What are these Fido codes for? Are the used to verify access to my account? If so, was someone trying to access my account since I never requested the codes?






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Re: Fido codes from 6508?

Hey @Cawtau and @patrickchan!


I just wanted to come on here and let you guys know that we double checked this for you guys and we can confirm that these messages are in fact from us. These messages are authorization codes sent via the My Account app in order to confirm that you are the user of the line for which you are attemting to gain access to the app to view account details. See photo:



app code.png


The short code from which these authorization codes are sent is 6508.


 If you never requested these codes, then it's entirely possible that someone has been trying to access your account through the My Account app. In this case, you may want to reset your password for My Account just to be sure.


We're sorry for any confusion this may have caused!

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Re: Fido codes from 6508?

These codes are generated by the system when you attempt to log in to the app; they are sent to the phone number you are trying to login with for validation.

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Re: Fido codes from 6508?

Odd since I didn't try to log in. 

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Re: Fido codes from 6508?

@woodtoo1 wrote:

Odd since I didn't try to log in. 

@woodtoo1 , I would suspect that someone has either (a) inadvertently mistyped THEIR phone number while attempting to log into THEIR account, hence the 4 in a row, as they did not get them, then finally realized their error, or (b) someone is attempting to gain access to YOUR account, not knowing that the codes are sent to YOU and not displayed locally to them.


In either case, because they are indeed FIDO messages sent directly to the number affected (YOURS), your account is safe and there is no need to be concerned, unless you have some strange person leaning over your shoulder right now reading the codes!! 😉


I had a spate of FIDO account codes texted to me about 4 months back, and it was someone mistyping their phone number, I know this because I ended up with several calls for this person as they were giving out their wrong phone number (mine) and I was getting weird calls.  I little sleuth work, and I texted the person, who has same 7 digits, just a different area code, who had just moved and gotten a new number, so it was an innocent (albeit annoying) mistake!

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