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I'm a Participant Level 2 account management

Hello, I'm new to Fido (Internet & Cell Phone). I have to be honest and say, Fido's online account management  is complete garbage. Most of the time I can't log in, and, when I can, the page kicks me out back to the log in screen. When it works, if I click on any of the links, the page kicks me out. This is very annoying and fraustrating. Also, my online account shows about 10 different account numbers, I only have two accounts with Fido. The app usually works. I want these problems fixed, as, I'm paying for my services. 

I'm a Participant Level 2

Hello, thanks for your message. All these problems are on, the app is fine. Please have someone look into this. 

I see, thank you for that update! 


Have you tried to clear cache/cookies to see if it would help?

Also, does this issue happen on different browsers, or just one?


By all means, you can always reach out to customer care so we can review this in depth and work to get it resolved as well!  


Hey @Matt397,


Welcome to the community! 


I'm sorry to learn that your experience with our online service hasn't been the best.


Have you been experiencing these issues solely on the app, or on the website as well?

Also. did you try to delete the app and reinstall it to see if that could help? 


Let us know!