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Fido bricked my new phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently got a TCL 20s phone October 4th 2021, I dropped the phone and cracked the screen. I do not have device protection. I had my service sent it through the repair program to see if they could fix it, knowing that I would have to pay to have it fixed. 


The last notice I got was "device unrepairable or nothing found damaged" when I recieved the device back, it seems it was bricked during the repair process as all I get is a recovery screen which only reboots to the same page no matter what I do. 


What can I do?


I spent 4 hours on the phone for fido to tell me, repair program they're not liability for damages, and I have to continue to pay for a broken phone that is rendered unusable.



Hey there @nogard171 and welcome to the Community!


We're sorry to read about what happened to your newly purchased device. 


The repairs are completed by authorized repair vendors. Repairs can include batteries, screens, cameras, audio, software, and more. Before any work is done on your device, they need to assess the situation in order to provide you an estimation of the repair cost and to know if you would like to proceed with the repairs or not.


That said, given that your device was returned after they assessed that it was unrepairable, it is possible that the initial damage done to it may have caused something else.


If you would like, we can offer you a PM so that we can access your account and further discuss that in private. Just let us know!