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Fido Roam on Non-Pulse Plan.

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Telus has the roam like home available to anyone regardless of their plan.The same goes for bell and rogers.Why Fido the only one where u must have a pulse plan to get it?
Its stupid u have to pay more on your monthly plan just to get it!!


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Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Morfao1,


  Welcome to the community!


  I understand your frustration. I too, have a plan which is not compatible with Fido Roam. However, why do you think you shouldn't have to pay more for an additional service? In general, the plans from the Big 3 cost more than the non-Pulse plans (and possibly even more than some of the Pulse plans). They're paying for the additional service. 


  If you go to your local garage and pay for their Bronze-level tune-up service, do you expect to receive the same amount of services as their Gold-level? No. Perhaps you don't need your car vacuumed or washed and that's why you only get Bronze. However, if you want your car fully detailed, you would have to purchase that particular level of service. Sure you could get the same level of service from the dealership, but you're also paying more at the dealership.


  It's the same with all services. If you want more services, you have to pay for those services. 


 Hope this helps Smiley



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey morfao1!


Great question, thanks for posting! Smiley


At the moment, FidoRoam is only available with any of our Pulse plans. These plans offer tons of perks such as unlimited Canada-Wide minutes, generous data buckets, FidoRoam, and up to 6 months free of Spotify Premium! To benefit from all these features, including FidoRoam, a Pulse plan is required.


We do understand that tons of customers are still on grandfathered plans on non-Pulse plans. FidoRoam is not available in these plans as they offer their own perks and many are also older plans that cannot be modified at this time.  No need to worry though!  In these cases, we offer competitive travel packs that can be used when using your phone abroad Smiley


It's really all about works for you though Smiley If keeping the price and features of your old plan works best, you can definitely keep it and use a travel pack or even pay per use rates. If you'd like to take advantage of FidoRoam, then one of our Pulse plans is the way to go!


Hope this helps!




Hello @morfao1 welcome to the community!


It would be great if Fido offer the roam like home to all of its customers but Fido say its not compatible with older plans so people with older plans would have to use the available travel packs.