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False advertising by Rogers Communications

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Googled "pixel 8 pro fido"

At the very top of the search result was a row of GOOGLE PIXEL 8 PRO PHONES ALL ADVERTISED AS 24X$26/M ON A TWO YEAR DEVICE PROGRAM WITH FIDO. The SPONSORED advertisement was paid for by Rogers communications.


When I contacted fido to order a new phone, I explicitly asked for the PRO. The gentleman I spoke to told me "YES! I will honor this price for you, I do see it advertised. What color do you want?"

Amazing! So I choose a rose gold one.

He actually sold me the standard pixel 8 (didn't ask for that). I am also never informed that this phone (that I didn't request) is backordered and the estimated delivery is 4+weeks.

I'm not satisfied with this and try to contact a service rep today to change the order to something IN STOCK that i can receive sooner than a month+ as I wasn't even informed it was backordered. New rep is great, after about 30 minutes of explaining what I needed done, he cancelled my original order and made me a new one... For the wrong phone. Set me up for a pixel 8 again. I explicitly asked on BOTH chats for a pixel 8 PRO. EXPLICITLY. 

NOW they won't honor the advertised (by Rogers) price that comes up on google and asked if I could email a screenshot of the advertised price. I agreed and was immediately ghosted by the rep (Emmanuel) Zero response, no email. Dead.

When I tried to contact customer service to continue with SOMEONE after spending over an hour on chat to only be ghosted, I was "transferred to a supervisor" (bull sh*t) - waited on hold and was disconnected.


I have wasted countless hours, tossed in-between multiple reps, told wildly different answers by each rep, ghosted and have not had ONE SINGLE PROBLEM SOLVED. 

Your customer service is my personal nightmare. I'll be cancelling this order, switching carriers immediately and contacting CRTC about your false advertising.


I have never experienced this hilariously ATROCIOUS 



Hey @midgebit,


We're terribly sorry to hear about your experience. It's definitely not how we want you to feel, this isn't the type of customer service we wish to provide.


Please contact us directly on social media here, we'll be happy to help.