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Failed to unpause data after "add data" twice

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, recently, I reached my limit of data use before the end of this month.


So Fido send me a message saying about data overage protection and my data is paused.


I read the help on the official website here, and it tells me that I'd better add a top-up to uppause my data.


So I "add data" by choosing 500MB/$10 once, and come back to click "unpause data" button on the homepage of the APP.


I noticed that by clicking "unpause data" on APP, it jumps to choosing 500MB/$10 again (or else like 2.5GB/$25 and etc.).


I'm not sure if I was wrong, so I chose it again. But still, it doesn't work for me to unpause my data.


However, there are two records of purchasing 500MB/$10, and my data seems still being paused.


So my questions are:

1. How do I unpause my data exactly?

2. Can I cancel or ask to refund one of my purchasing 500MB/$10.




Hello @ben_tsai it sounds like you need to contact Fido's customer support for this. My go to is always to message @fidosolutions on Twitter. That way you can still carry on with your day and dialogue with the support representatives as they reply to you. You can also use other methods mentioned Here

hope you get a quick resolution