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I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Why is it that every month I get late fee charges when I receive a Thank you for payment before my cycle date and yet I'm expected to pay 10 days before my cycle payment ????? 
I'm being charge pre advanced on a monthly bases , and 5 days after I have paid I'm charged interest late charges !!!
We dont control the time it takes for the banks to forward a DIGITAL Payment !!
My cycle ends on the 25th and I'm told to pay on a different day every months , either the 16th or the 17th  . 
So I have it to be paid by the 19 or 20 , payment always gets to you Thieves by the 21st and yet when my cycle is over by the 25th I'm charged LATE F*****N payments all the time !  WTF !  Your services aren't  that great , I have started to have miss calls , the time during the Ice storm I had NO **bleep**EN Services (phone and internet )  for 2 Days , and my Internet is the slowest its ever been , I got Zero compensated and yet you charge me AGAIN Late **bleep**en Fee's of $1.31 ...
After being with you for 30 years I think its time to say Fido **bleep** You , Your services have gone out the window , you dont give a **bleep** about customers .  Its all about how to take our $$$$$$$$  and thats it ...
When I want to speak to someone I'm routed to ask Jack , a **bleep**en Robot . I am 58 years old and Old school , I want to speak to a Person so that I can know who I'm talking to on the other end , is that too **bleep**en much to ask ?????????
I dont see to well to be typing even with glasses and yet we can't get phone service .....
Yeah I'm Venting bcuz FIDO just doesn't give a Rats **bleep** anymore about Customers ..... I have been with Fido since 1993 with the same number ....


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @James_Dot 


Unfortunately, we don't control how long it takes for the banks to transfer the funds either Smiley


That being said, you can find more details on the payment methods we can provide for your services on this page.


It's important to note that we will bill your month in advance, a bit like how rent is billed in advance. You can also confirm on each invoice the due date for your payment, which gives you at least a 3 weeks window to apply it. I also understand that your services would be much better without any late fees, however those are automatically billed when your payment is received after the due date.


The good news is that we offer different payment methods. For example, paying with your credit card will apply the payment the same day without any banking delays. Alternatively, you can also enroll to automatic payment and the amount will be taken automatically on the same day every month going onward.


Hope this helps! And if you need any assistance with your Fido account, you can reach out to us on these channels.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

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ℹ then U know we humanoids need to do more than venti 😂