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I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1
Are Sarnia, Chatham, Plympton-Wyoming in regular FIDO coverage or is it EXT? It's difficult to make out in the coverage maps as the colour difference is negligible between Fido Network and Extended Coverage.

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Senior MVP

Hello Seafarer,


  While there are certain areas designated as extended coverage in the coverage map (no Fido/Rogers cellular towers; ie parts of Saskatchewan), a device might connect to Fido-EXT simply by being outside of Fido/Rogers coverage, but within another provider's coverage -- even within areas designated as Fido/Rogers coverage on the map. These spots of Fido-EXT occur because the cellular towers of the different providers are not located together. Each provider have their cellular towers strategically placed. That is why I prefer to use cellular tower maps rather than the coverage maps.


~ taken from here.


  There may be locations where a phone might not get reception from Fido/Rogers, but get better reception from the other networks. For example, the area around Petrolia and Dresden has more sparse cellular towers. It's possible a phone may occasionally connect to Fido-EXT between the towns.


**edit** Note to Fido: You might consider changing the colours on the coverage map. The pale blue and paler blue are rather difficult to discern from lakes and each other.**


Hope this helps Smiley



I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1
Thanks, this is certainly a better map of the cell towers! The reason for my asking was because I drove around Sarnia and areas close by and one of our phones(both with Fido) kept jumping to EXT. I guess it would have no impact due to our cellphone numbers, its just the coverage. I don't want to change my cellphone numbers when I move there so just wanted to be sure there was adequate coverage.