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Exhausted my options to Escalate contract/billing issue?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

We are paying $160+tax for 2 lines when we were promised $90+tax during last Black Friday! yes, it has been 6+ months and Fido has not been able to fix the discount codes that were mentioned in the in-person sale at Fido store and mentioned in the contract. We have 4 tickets opened and store manager escalation requested but nothing resolved. I am looking for feedback if there is way to escalate it to senior managemenet and/or office of ombudsman? Already filed a complaint with CCTS.



Hello @sapguru,


Thank you for sharing the details. Rest assured, this isn't how we want your experience to be with Fido. If the discounts are mentionned in the agreement you were provided, then they should have been applied. If the error's on Fido end, we will make the necessary adjustments. 


I'll send you a PM shortly so we can review the account together. Talk soon!