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Enable MMS messages

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I use an android phone and was able to send and receive images but my daughter may have adjusted something to get her IPhone to play in our car.

What setting do I need to remedy this? 

Our wifi at home is pretty spotty, is there a way to do this without wifi access?


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Hello Kimberjoy65,


  Welcome to the community!


   Sorry to hear you're not able to send/receive images anymore. To clarify, did your daughter make adjustments to your phone so her iPhone could play in your car or were those adjustments done to the car settings?


  While you don't need a data plan, in order to send/receive MMS, your phone's data would need to be enabled. Have you verified that setting is enabled?


  You might also consider verifying your phone is using the proper APN. You can verify the settings here.


  Are there any Message settings in your phone preventing MMS? Since, when travelling, the data within MMS would be considered roaming data, some devices have a setting to prevent sending or receiving MMS. There may also be settings to prevent SMS from converting to MMS.


  Are you unable to send/receive MMS everywhere? It's also possible that the data connection at particular locations are not sufficient to send/receive MMS. Are you able to use data at the locations you are not able to send/receive MMS?


@kimberjoy65 wrote:...Our wifi at home is pretty spotty, is there a way to do this without wifi access?

  With the exception of Wifi-calling, SMS and MMS do not get transmitted via Wifi. They would need to travel on the cellular networks. When you mentioned your Wifi at home is spotty, were you referring to cellular internet? If you have spotty cellular reception at home, that could account for your MMS issue.


Hope this helps 😀