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Dubious Tactics on Roaming Charges.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

$105.00 in Roaming charges when I did was I was told to avoid roaming charges, turn off Roaming.
After getting my bill, I called and was then told that you can still be charged when Roamin is turned off.  That I had to remove my SIM card.

Nowhere on the web site, or Fidor Roaming faqs or in the contract does it tell customers to remove their SIM card.

I want that $105.00 charge reversed.

If anyone at Fido cares...please take action to reverse this charge and call me.  Jacques 647 XXX 0535


Hi @Jacques1313 , sorry to hear that you have unexpected charges on your invoice. Since we are a community forum of fido clients, we cannot access any accounts. I would suggest you reach out to fidosolutions on Twitter by direct message  or call 611 from your device to have an account representative assist you with that. Here  are some of the other methods of contact. Hope you have a resolution