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Down payment on phone upgrade

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3



I am existing Fido customer and would like to upgrade my phone to the S21 Ultra.

I would like to give a down payment, but the only 24 month payment option I am presented with is $0 down.

Is there any way I can give a down payment to lowere the monthly cost?


Appreciate it


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Flex1,


  I'm not sure if the system will allow for a down payment per se. However, with Fido's financed Payment Program, you can make a lump sum payment at anytime. Doing so would reduce the monthly payment amount but not the number of months remaining in your contract (unless paid in full).


  If you would like to make a lump sum payment, you would need to contact customer service. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.


Hope this helps 😀