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Does fido aimit their promotion?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


I saw there was a promotion of phone on fido website several months ago, so i decided to update my phone. Before it was update, i called customer service to make sure it works. The lady told me its real and i only need to pay 15$ per month(15$x24=360), for a moto edge plus. So i decided to update the phone.

After that, the complicated story began. I received a bill of 2415.82$ which told me i need to pay 2000$ for the new phone. I was suprised and called fido customer service. The lady there helped to revise my bill, but its certain that she made a mistake with the bill, she splited 2000$ into 24 months, and i still need to pay 83.34$(which should be 15$) per month for the phone.

I called fido 10+ times to revise my bill, and everyone tells me 'i will revise your bill, to 15$ for the phone.' but until now, my bill is still stucking with 210.41$(which should be 142.07$ ONLY), and its passed the due date already.

I cant spend 1-2 hours every time to call the customer service, and i dont know what did they do for my case. Im nervous that the bill passed its due and it seems that fido doesn't want to solve this problem. (By the way, now the moto edge plus needs only 12.99$ per month, instead of 15$??)

Can someone please, tell me what I should do now?


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I have the same problem also, I have the same phone but got it at 10.99 and I saw my new bill it's at 2.347$.. 


Hello @Lilas_f,


I'm sad to hear your bill hasn't been adjusted yet. We currently have a conversation with you in PM, feel free to reply to our last message and we'll be happy to help.