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Discounts applied - SECOND MONTH

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have 5 new lines with Fido:  My line  ( 45 - 10 -5 ) and 4 lines that are  ( 45 - 10 - 5 - 5 )  all confirmed with Fido when I called up.  ( Back to school promotion )


My first two bills when added up come to more than $100 more than they should be for two months of service.  I called the service rep and they say that Fido applies the discounts in the second month and that I should not be concerned because I get them for month 2 - month 13.  


So I asked her " what you are basically saying is that for the first month you charge me the full rate of 5 lines times $45 " with no discounts and then start in month 2,  Is this your normal business practice ? " She says that this is the normal practice.  


Is this not a missrepresentation of the service that I purchased?  I am out and extra $100 initially that clearly is not what was promised when I set up the accounts and recieved the discounts.  Is Fido taking from you a full hit, so that when you port at the end of the contract they get you first with a full charge?


I called the fido guy who sold me the services and he says that he has seen his clients get their discounts right away and that this is not customary practice.


Help Please,





Welcome to the community!


I'm sorry the information wasn't given to your correctly during the set up. 

Indeed, certain promotions would only kick in on the second invoice. However, the agent helping you doing the set up would mention it as the set up is done.


By all means, if you have any unresolved concerns, please get in touch with our customer care team for support!