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Yet another call, in a long line of calls, where I hang up having gained nothing and continue being frustrated. I signed up with FIDO in 2011 and have been with them ever since - I even have their internet but now I am seriously considering taking myself elsewhere. I've had the same archaic plan for years and every time I call they tell me that my plan cannot be beat and there is nothing better (my plan isn't even that great). Why am I being charged EXTORTIONATE packages that provide very little, and are very expensive. I came from Europe and Canada is a decade behind what is happening. I just got offered a package for $80 with ONE GIG OF DATA. Are serious?!?!?!?!? That's embarrassing and like sticking two fingers up in my face.


I have to travel to the US and will be requiring emails, google maps and other services on my phone for the 5 days. They charge me $40 for 200mbs! That is absolutely pitiful and embarrassing in this day in age. What's worse, none of us long term customers could avail of the offers over Christmas because of your outdated infrastructure that could not handle the demand. Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed with what FIDO can offer me and I won't be forgetting it when it comes to finding a new contract.


This whole experience has left me having to source a US carrier so I can use my phone in the US. Good job! Thanks for the inconvenience. I tell people about these plans back home and they truly don't believe me and are in as much shock as I am. It's laughable, disappointing and annoying.


Very sour taste left in my mouth. You will be losing me as a customer.

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Hello. This is sad and unfortunate all the frustration that you have been having. I would suggest you call Client Retentions before leaving, cause they will do their best to help you


Just keep in mind there are many different customer support levels at Fido, and not all of them have access to the same offers. Im sure they value you as a customer, so I hope you will try one last time before leaving

Hey @Donnie7526 Thanks for looking out for others on the Community. 


I can assure you that all our customers are extremely important to us and we all work together and towards the same scope: to help our customers as much as we can regardless of the channels through which we're contacted. Smiley


Thanks for sharing Cheers! 

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Hi @Chrisupra & welcome to the Community!


I'm sad to see that you're unsatisfied with your recent experience and the plans that were offered to you. Sad We'd really hate to see you go!


If you'd like me to take a look at your options, let me know and I'll be more than happy to send you a PM.

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Hi - thanks for the reply.


Excuse my ignorance but which options are you referring to?

@Chrisupra Your plan options.

I'm a Participant Level 2

Well I am happy to discuss any of them really. I have to travel to the US a lot for work this year and my employer only allows up to $100 a month for cell phone bills however he can be a little frugle and constantly pressuring me to keep costs down. Another spanner in the works is my device protection which I had to get which adds $11 a month to the bill. The thing that really got me was having to pay for either call display or voicemail. Call display I could care less about but I need voicemail.


I've been with FIDO many years. I even gotten people onto your service a number of times, and I even have internet and when I asked the lady if she could do anything for me she said 'no'. Ignore me getting people onto your service but I would of thought a little more accommodation and assistance would have been granted.


Happy to chat offline.

We'll send you a PM shortly so that we can check out your options together. Smiley