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Can't add IPhone Value Pack Online

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I was trying to add a value pack tonight online. But it didnt let me do it the page kept giving me a pop up saying new fido customer choose plan or if already a fido customer log in.

whereas i was already logged in and even when i clicked on log in from that pop up nothing happened. I tried like 10 times.

i was unable add value pack i wanted to make an urgent call overseas. then what is the use of this online service. It was very disappointing. 



Hey @ArshpreetKaur


Thank you for the feedback. I will make sure to share this with the people in charge.


It's not possible to add a value pack online when you keep your plan.

If you do end up changing your plan, then it's possible to add a new value pack at the same time.


To do the change, you can also reach us through our channels here.


Hope this helps Smiley