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I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hello. I'm enquiring why Fido does not have UNLIMITED DATA???? With this virus we need access to unlimited data for our cell phones??? Would be great to have this option. 


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Sher1974,


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  I understand some people might have reduced access to Wifi. However, I'm not sure how feasible removing cellular data limits would be. Current cellular bandwidth is vastly more limited than broadband bandwidth. The amount of information which can be transmitted via the airwaves without degradation is miniscule versus a fixed-line option. It's physics -- Shannon's Law (see here).


  Yes, the introduction of 5G is supposed to increase cellular bandwidth. However, the majority of people do not have access to that network. In addition, Fido does not intend on offering 5G for their customers.


  Already, there are people who have complained that their broadband internet speeds have slowed since the removal of data caps. A surge in cellular data usage could cripple the networks.


Hope this helps 😀





I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

Hi @Sher1974,


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Currently, Fido does not offer unlimited mobile data but they are waiving data overages on home internet, you can get more info here.