Data overage notifications

Data overage notifications

Data overage notifications

I'm a Participant Level 2

Data overage notifications

Sometimes I receive the notification regarding to my data usage is over 90%.

But it didn't clear saying when I did over my data, and how much data is left.

For example, could you say more details as follows:

You have used 90% of your data, 3.6G has been used at 9pm.


So that I can know in advance what's happened.

The fido account OR the app, is showing the delayed data usage. I have no idea what's happened.


I got one senario that, in 9am I receive 90% overage notification, and after 1 hour I receive the 100% usage.

I assume I have 10% data left and I can reduce my data usage, but the reality is you may have over it.

I cannot track the latest details of my date, it says 12 hours ago data.


Right now, I see my fido account still have 1.7GB data out of 4GB. But I have received notification this morning at 9am saying I have used 90% of the data. I continues check my fido account, it always showing there is 1.7GB available. Until 1pm, I still seeing the same data usage and it was updated 12 hours ago.


If that's correct. During my last night sleep to 9am, I have used 1GB data?!  I wake up at 7:30 and leave home at 8:20. I was driving before 9am, it is impossible I can use 1GB during my sleep and driving.


I have no idea what's goes wrong. Since you can send me the overage notification, why you cannot just update my data usage to latest correct info. Also send me notificaiton with more details!


Hey there @jacky554


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From what you just described, the notifications are on point. Though you'd like to have a more detailed overview of your data usage?


To clarify, the data tracker is able to monitor the total amount of data used during a billing cycle. What you do with it or how you use your data is private and we don't keep track of it. You're still able to access your phone's settings and monitor each app's data usage there. This would provide you with information such as which app is used/uses more data.


As you mentioned, there's a delay of about 12 hours for your usage to be updated on the Fido mobile app. Which is why we do send you SMS notifications when your usage reaches a certain threshold. Currently, they are respectively 90%, and 100%. These notifications are sent in real time, so be sure to take action when you receive them. Your options are to add more data, to limit your usage, or to keep using.


Please note that at 90%, you'll also be presented with the option to add data top-ups. These extra data options can be added at any time during your cycle by texting "DATA" to 222. For more info click here, and keep in mind that they can only be added before you reach 100% usage.


Does this answer your question? Let us know, we're here to help Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 2

Last month, I keep receiving the msg saying

- I have used 90%

- I have used all the data.


After 2-3 days verifying online, I still have 1.5GB available.


I have wait a while for the actual bill to come out.

The result is:

I used all my 2GB bonus

I used 491MB out of 2GB data

And 4 data bytes, that's 385.48MB.


From the information above, I have 1.5GB at the end of my billing cycle.

Looks like the txt message remainder got wrong information!!! It is misleading and makes people frustrated there is no data left!!

Hey there @jacky554!


Thanks for following up with the community on this.


I totally understand why you'd feel this way, it is indeed misleading if you received the 90% data notification when you still had 1.5Gb left. You 100% did the right thing though by tracking your data yourself in the Fido My Account app and taking in consideration the delay in updating.


I can assure you that on our end we didn't mean to mislead you by sending that notification, it likely was a system glitch and I am sending you a PM right away to get this investigated so that it does not happen a second time.