DBELL not working on FIDO data plan

DBELL not working on FIDO data plan

DBELL not working on FIDO data plan

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DBELL not working on FIDO data plan


i got the DBell HD LIVE door bell camera system installed. It works totally fine on my IPHONE 6 as long as i am on WIFI. But when i get out of reach and on the FIDO data plan it does not work any more. It tries to connect but unsuccessfully timing out.

I had contacted the comapny who installed it and it is working on their iphones with Bell. They could not help me and i had to contact technical support of DBELL. We went through all settings and still did not get it to work. I had to contact Rogers Technical support and they were opening a ticket to fix it. It obviously has to do with the IP adress of the phone and the system used by HD Bell which is a different version of that of Rogers, (don't ask me for details, i am a non technical person). But the tech support at Rogers was really very helpful and promised me to fix it within 24 to 72 hours.


Hope he is right, fingers crossed.


My only recommendation is if that is a new app and many customers are having the same issue it should be adressed in the app together with Rogers, shouldn't it?



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I have to say, I had to google what a DBell HD LIVE door bell camera system is Very_Happy Interesting system, I'll definitely look into it for my home! Thanks for sharing.


I'm glad to hear that the tech support will be able to resolve this in a timely manner. By opening a ticket, we will be able to see how many customers are actually impacted and then determine what would be the best course of action.


If anyone else has the same situation, don't hesitate to reach out to us or to the technical support! It's always a pleasure to help Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 2

Thanks Thomas, in the meantime i got an email from rogers telling me there is a delay in fixing the problem and asking for my patience. 

I am currenty on vacation in europe and on a temporary data plan. Both my wife and I can get the app running on our IPhones, both on LTE and even on G3. 

I Canada it had worked at my contractors phone who has a data plan with Telus. 

It worked at my home with wireless. So cleary it must be on Rogers/Fido part why there is a problem. 


I still have patience since i am not home yet. But patience is slowy running out. 


Does anyone else have the video door bell HD Live and a Fido data plan?

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  Have you had a chance to take a look at this thread? I understand they refer to a different product, however, perhaps they both require the same or similar solutions. You might consider switching the APN protocol to IPv4 and the APN type to internet + mms + dun


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Did you get a chance to refer to the thread @Cawtau recommended? 


Keep us posted. Smiley