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Credits in my 3rd Bill against the one time activation Charge

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



I was promised a credit of $50 on thrid bill . but I have not yet recieved it yet. 

11 March, 2023 - Got a new Fido Number from Store , along with all the discount, I was infomed to get $50 credit on my third bill 

3 May 2023 - Cutomer support Agent Farahad with Interaction ID : I2011252616  Confimed that the code for the credit is added and it will automatically show up in teh third bill 

Today 15th May, 2023 Customer Agent Sarah with Interaction ID I2018617922 , says nothing of this sort was discussed and no credits were promised to you at any time.  Her exact words were "Regardless whatever was promised to you, we will not give you the store credit"


I infomred the store about it, they said , they have added the discount code for the credit, now its just the customer agent to provide the credit to you. 

What should I do in this case? 


Additionally , My friend who brought the number with me on same day same time got all the discunts and credits and I did not receive it. Customer Agent Sarah confiremd , its a system issue and Store will have to add the code again. Store denies to add the code again as the it can only be done on day of purchase not today. 


Can someone help me with this please.



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I called them twice, I was transfered 3-4 times but no luck. its so frustrating. to be on call for an hour with customer agent. 

Yesterday night, I put the same mesggae on Instagram, Facebook and twitter. On all possible social media tagging fido and expalning about my issue. in the next 10 mins I got my credits and one month free too.


Hello @RepalShah,


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There seems to be a miscommunication with customer service, I would suggest you call again and explain it was confirmed as they are the only ones that can issue the credit if they say otherwise then I would suggest you ask for the case to be escalated to a manager.