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I just want some help!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

April 24th I got a new Google pixel 7 from the fido store. Within a few days, I was noticing many of my calls were dropping. I took it within 12 days back to the store and they told me it was just because of the new sim card and they just need to reset my phone to factory and reset the online network settings on their end to resolve it, no need to return the device. I said okay and walked away. I was having more call drops right after, and I couldn't get back to the store till today. It's still under 30 days mind you. I have spoken with both fido support and their extended warranty coverage line, who told me there is nothing they can do as the phone has no physical damage, just take it back to the store and exchange it. Well I go back tonight to the original store and they said they don't know what to do, they can see me in store from weeks ago for network issue, they can see my calls and repair tickets that weren't done, but they can't do a thing!?  This is insane. It's a new phone. Pristine condition. And I love the phone, I just want it swapped with a working one!! How is this right to treat a customer. Im beyond furious if something can't get done.



Hello @ksnape87.


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Fido does have a satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy with the device you can exchange it or return it but if you got it from a store then you have 15 days to do so see here for more detail.


If you had returned to the store on the 12th day and specifically asked to exchange the device I don't see why they would not do it, these Fido stores are individually owned and unfortunately, you will get some bad service depending on the location.


Did you do a factory reset? I use a Pixel 7 myself and the drop calls issue was a big thing in the Pixel 6 line unfortunately its because of the modem they used I did see some people complain that their Pixel 7 was doing the same thing I did get a few drop calls in the beginning but its rare and haven't really experience any since.


Since Fido does not offer 5G I would suggest you set the phone's preferred network to LTE only and disable 2G in the network settings that's the configuration I have and no issues.