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Contacting Office of President

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

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I am looking to write a formal Letter to Stephane Deland, VP Customer Care. What address shoudl i send the physical letter (not an email) to?


December 2021 will mark 20 years (yes 2 decades!) of uninterrupted loyalty towards the Fido brand.


Every time my contract for mobile service and internet is up for renewal, it is a constant challenge to remain a customer with Fido.  To be honest in 2019, I was going to leave Fido, but it was the representatived from the "Mobile Shop" in a Loblaws (Ottawa) who got me deal with Fido that suits my needs.   The Mobile Shop convinenced me to stay with Fido, not a Fido CSR.  I was greatly dissapointed that my 18 years of continuous loyalty meant nothing to Fido. I was willing to pay more at the competition as there customer service was more in touch with humanity.


I am tired of negociating for a fair deal when Fido isn't even prepared to match the competion and a 3rd party had to do it for me in order for me to remain a customer.  I have 2 lines and internet with Fido, and kids that will eventually need mobile lines as well.


For clairty, I'm not saying that because of my loyalty I "deserve" the latest "Smartphone" for free, (but a little discount doesn't hurt either!) but what is really frustrating is when other Fido members have better deals available to them and have signifiantly less loyalty to the brand.  Why should I stay?


Videotron is agressively promoting in my area, and I am really thinking of making the switch. I am willing to proactively engage with Mr. Deland if he wants to help me remain a loyal customer.  I am not prepared to enter into lenghty discussions on the phone with a Fido CSR or Customer Retention anymore.  Why would spend 2 hours of my time negociating when Videotron offer a better deal without having to negociate at all!




John S.



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @JohnShriki


Welcome to the Community Smiley


Thank you for sharing your concerns and we greatly appreciate your loyalty towards us for all these years. From my understanding, you're looking to renew a 2 year term in order to finance new phones for both your lines, is that correct?


While we unfortunately don't offer any support by mail, we'd be more than happy to explore your options. However, keep in mind that offers and promotions will be based on what's currently available on our end. Though we don't necessarily match offers from other service providers for that same reason, our agents will do their best to assist you. Each provider will have their unique perks, which you can find more about here.


Also, stores may have exclusif offers at the store level. This also means, that our call center agents or transactions made online on through self-serve, may have exclusive promotions available only through these channels as well.


I can assure you that our aim is to provide you with an offer that better suits your needs, and we'd me more than happy to take a closer look at your account with you to get started. You can reach out to us at these channels, and a Fido representative will take if from there.

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

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I hope mr deland will hear your answer Smiley

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