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Missing $45 Setup Service Fee Credit

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I activated a new plan back in March at a kiosk and was assured multiple times by the agent there that the $45 setup fee would be credited back to me within 2-3 months, and she even showed me her entering the promotional code during the activation which was supposed to trigger this credit.  It is now 3 months later and I still have not seen a credit for the $45 fee which is concerning because just doing a quick search on these forums you can see multiple other threads with people being promised this credit down the road and not getting it.  I'd appreciate any assistance I can get in resolving this issue.



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I understand it has been 3 months but the credit should be applied either on your second or third invoice, if you go your third invoice and you did not get the credit then you will need to contact customer service or you can talk to the store.