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Confusion about Fido Prepaid

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi everyone,


I am a bit confused with Fido Prepaid and how it works.


So my elderly mother has a cellphone and I got her a Fido sim-card. She only needs to use the cellphone when she is at the doctor's office which is once per month. Other than that she uses her home phone or home internet.


So while browsing through the pre-paid section on Fido website, it seems like I am forced to pick "Pre-Paid" plan. She does not need any pre-paid plan, I just want to load money on the account and she just uses it to make 1-2 phone calls per month.


So example, I load 10$ on the account and she makes a phone call that is 2minutes long at whatever the minute rate is and I then have a remaining balance. Like a fully pay-per-use model.


Is such a thing possible? 


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello AliP1,


  Unfortunately, Fido no longer offers a per minute plan. That plan would have operated like the more traditional pay-per-use model. However, since the accounts need to be topped-up regularly in order not to lose their balances, customers were accruing rather large balances. The current prepaid offerings require the monthly or daily plans. There are some other providers which still offer the traditional pay-per-use model. You should note that those offerings also have expiring balances, though the length of time before expiry varies with provider.


Hope this helps 😀